September 27, 2022

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This feels like a bit of a weird Game of the Week pick because it’s...

This feels like a bit of a weird Game of the Week pick because it’s actually not a new game at all. And I don’t just mean that it’s a mobile port of a PC game that originally launched in 2006, but more so that it is a mobile port of a PC game from 2006 that was already released on mobile before… three times in fact! And while I generally like to stick to picking games that are entirely new releases on mobile, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition ($17.99) is more than worthy of the Game of the Week honor in this case.

First of all because this is technically a new release. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is the original Titan Quest plus all 3 of its expansion packs bundled into one app at one single price. The previously available Titan Quest HD ($6.99) has also been updated to offer all of the exact same content of the new Legendary Edition but instead makes the 3 expansion packs available as in-app purchases. Other than that these two version are identical.

The far greater reason to pick this new version of Titan Quest as Game of the Week is because Titan Quest is freaking awesome and this is by far the best version of it. At the time of its original release in 2006 this was considered by most to be the best Diablo-like experience that wasn’t actually a Diablo game, and that remains true even today. But that is a far more important aspect on mobile where there really isn’t anything else quite like Titan Quest available here. This is a full-blown, real-deal, AAA effort, and to my recollection is the only game of this type on mobile that’s a fully premium title and not free to play.

The original iOS release of the vanilla Titan Quest back in 2016 wasn’t perfect, and in fact had a good deal of bugs and performance issues, but you could look past all that because it was truly mind-blowing to have a game of that caliber in your pocket. What the Legendary Edition does, both this new release and the update to Titan Quest HD, is shore up all those technical quirks and present this game in its ultimate form with just about zero compromises. Add in the game-changing expansions and there’s just nothing that comes close to offering this kind of experience on mobile.

And for that Titan Quest I cheers thee. Whether you’re playing this brand new Legendary Edition release or the updated Titan Quest HD, this is one game that deserves a spot on the device of every gamer who enjoys quality mobile gaming.