December 2, 2022

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‘Total War Battles: Warhammer’ is a New Entry in the ‘Total War’ Spinoff Series that Features the Warhammer Universe

Many moons ago, in April of 2012 to be exact, Creative Assembly and parent company...

Many moons ago, in April of 2012 to be exact, Creative Assembly and parent company SEGA released Total War Battles: Shogun ($4.99), a streamlined mobile spinoff of their long-running Total War series of PC strategy games. As risky as it can be to take a beloved series from PC and release a mobile-ized version of it, Total War: Shogun was actually quite well-received, and we enjoyed it as well in our own review from back then. Hoping that lightning would strike twice, they released Total War Battles: Kingdom (Free) a few years later in the spring of 2016. The response to that entry was much more divisive as Kingdom was a much more typical free to play mobile title, and being that it also released on Steam, the PC gaming crowd did not take to that particularly well.

It’s been several years since that time though, and so maybe it’s a good time for another Total War Battles spinoff game. Creative Assembly seems to think so, and this time around they’ve partnered up with NetEase AND Games Workshop to mash up two legendary properties with a new game called Total War Battles: Warhammer. The following trailer shows some cool cinematics and some early in-game footage.

Yes, the world of Warhammer meets the streamlined strategy formula of the Total War Battles series. Is this a good thing? As someone who never really got into Total War or Warhammer in any meaningful way, I’m not qualified to answer that, but I’m guessing there will be some opinions about this one for sure. So far there’s no sort of release date mentioned, but there is a very fancy official website you can visit where you can sign up for a newsletter to stay in the loop, and you’ll also find a link to the game’s official Discord server there. A FAQ on the site says that a closed beta will be happening soon, so if you’re interested in participating in that I’d imagine signing up for the newsletter and hanging around the Discord would be beneficial. We’ll keep an eye out for any more Total War Battles: Warhammer information as it becomes available.