November 28, 2022

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Three Years After its Initial Announcement, Action RPG ‘Raziel: Dungeon Arena’ is Now Available

Those who were reading along with TouchArcade during the summer of 2017 might remember talk...

Those who were reading along with TouchArcade during the summer of 2017 might remember talk of an upcoming hack ‘n slash action RPG called Raze: Dungeon Arena. We first posted about the game in June of 2017, and then the following month we posted about the developers looking for beta testing help. Then the next month in August we were caught a bit off guard because the game was soft-launched in select territories, which wasn’t weird in and of itself, but what was weird is that it launched under the slightly different name of Raziel: Dungeon Arena. After that, Raziel/Raze just kind of faded away, and I’ve wondered before what ever happened to it. Well it turns out that developer Indra partnered with Tencent to launch the game in China, where it has been doing quite well for the past few years, and at long last they’re able to start rolling the game out to additional locations. Strangely there aren’t any official gameplay trailers of Raziel, but this cinematic trailer is pretty awesome.

The main features of Raziel include a huge 10 chapter 60 dungeon story-driven single-player campaign, and when you’re through with that, there is a suite of multiplayer options waiting for you. There are numerous playable characters to choose from, each with extensive skill trees to fill out, and one of the coolest features is the ability to bring two characters into battle and swap between them on the fly. Raziel also boasts really high production values in terms of visuals and sound, which is reflected in its nearly 4GB file size. You’ll want to make sure you have enough room for this bad boy. But if you do, and you enjoy a good hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler, Raziel: Dungeon Arena seems like it has a ton to offer and it’s especially cool seeing a game that we covered so long ago finally see the light of day. It’s available right now on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android.