December 5, 2022

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The ‘XCOM 2 Collecton’ Will Come to Android in 2021, Multiplayer May Be Considered for iOS and Android in the Future

Feral Interactive’s XCOM 2 Collection () comes to iOS this week as a premium release...

Feral Interactive’s XCOM 2 Collection () comes to iOS this week as a premium release with some hefty device requirements. This release brings the XCOM 2 Collection to mobile with four DLC packs and the excellent ‘War of the Chosen’ expansion in a single package. Since the announcement, new gameplay footage and pre-orders went live on iOS. With the game finally releasing this week and ahead of my review of the collection, some details of the release have been confirmed by Feral Interactive including potential features for the future. As of now, the XCOM 2 Collection doesn’t include multiplayer and keyboard and official mouse support. Multiplayer may be considered in the future. XCOM 2 Collection is also coming to Android in 2021 with details for this to be revealed in the future. Watch an extended gameplay video for the XCOM 2 Collection on iOS below:

While the visuals are not on par with the PS4 version I have, the performance is a lot better on the iPad Pro 11″ (2020). Even panning the camera is a lot smoother. Feral Interactive confirmed that while most devices target 30fps, lower end ones will target 25fps while newer ones have a higher fps cap. While I would love full keyboard and mouse support as an option, I can’t go back to non touch controls for XCOM 2 Collection anymore. The new interface is that good. The XCOM 2 Collection releases on November 5th for iOS with pre-orders available on the App Store here. It is priced at £23.99 / $24.99 / €27,99 for iOS. This collection is usually priced at $49.99 on Nintendo Switch and much more on PS4 and Xbox One. Check XCOM 2 out on Steam here to see how it is priced. The XCOM 2 Collection iOS website here has more screenshots of the port. We will have a review of it on iOS soon. Have you played it on any platform yet?

Update: Added updated link and information for it on Steam and DLC contents.