October 16, 2021

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‘The Walking Dead: Survivors’ Is an Upcoming PvP Strategy Survival Game for iOS and Android Releasing This Summer with Pre-Registrations Now Live

Elex and Skybound just revealed The Walking Dead: Survivors for iOS and Android. The Walking...

Elex and Skybound just revealed The Walking Dead: Survivors for iOS and Android. The Walking Dead: Survivors is a PvP strategy survival tower defense game based on The Walking Dead featuring characters from the comics. Your aim in The Walking Dead: Survivors is to defend your town that you build up from other players and hordes of walkers. The main characters in The Walking Dead: Survivors are the Survivors with their own attributes and skills. There are Combat Survivors and Development Survivors and the Survivors feature likenesses including Rick, Maya, Vayne, and more from the comics. Development Survivors work on protecting the town while Combat Survivors fight in battles. There will be classic moments from the The Walking Dead universe inside The Walking Dead: Survivors as you build up your clan to take on Negan.

The Walking Dead: Survivors is set to release this Summer for free on iOS and Android. You can pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here and pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here. It is currently listed to release on April 16th on the App Store but that date hasn’t been officially confirmed. The Android version seems to be available in some regions already. The in app purchases range from different kinds of bundles of Rubies to different “Valuable Package” purchases. The Walking Dead: Survivors includes built-in translation tools to allow players across the world to work together in clans as well. This will be the first mobile game involving The Walking Dead since the recent Bridge Constructor. Read about that here. It is going to be interesting to see how The Walking Dead: Survivors does at release and how it evolves with post launch support. Check out the official The Walking Dead: Survivors website here.