July 30, 2021

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The Original ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ Is Finally Coming to iOS and Android Tomorrow in Japan Following Its Announcement Back in 2016

Back in 2016, Level-5 had quite a few mobile-related announcements. One of them was a...

Back in 2016, Level-5 had quite a few mobile-related announcements. One of them was a smartphone port of the original Yo-kai Watch monster collecting RPG. Yo-kai Watch debuted on Nintendo 3DS in 2013 in Japan and it only saw a global release in 2015 through Nintendo. Following that, Yo-kai Watch 2 exploded in popularity but that was basically the peak for the franchise with it being nearly forgotten now (sadly). I enjoyed Yo-kai Watch on 3DS a lot but the second game was superb. The Yo-kai Watch anime even saw a global release with dubs back then. Following the 2016 announcement, Yo-kai Watch never made it to mobile but it did get a Nintendo Switch port that I bought from the Japanese eShop. It was a good conversion but obviously didn’t include English. Check out the original 2016 smartphone trailer here Today, Level-5 revealed that the iOS and Android version of Yo-kai Watch is finally arriving tomorrow in Japan as a premium release. Watch the new Yo-kai Watch iOS and Android trailer below:

Yo-kai Watch will launch tomorrow (July 10th) in Japan on iOS and Android and it will be priced at 1,220 Yen down from 1,960 Yen for a limited time. That is about $11 down from little over $15. You need iOS 9 and Android 7 and later to run Yo-kai Watch and 3GB of free space. It does support NFC on iOS 13 and later. The launch discount will be available until August 16th. This iOS and Android version of Yo-kai Watch doesn’t support the Yo-kai medals sold but it does let you link with toys on supported NFC-capable devices as mentioned on the official website. Pre-orders are not live as of this writing. Did you end up playing and enjoying the Yo-kai Watch games on 3DS? I’m still waiting for an English release of Yo-kai Watch 4 which seems like a lost cause right now.