March 25, 2023

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Stylish Turn-Based Puzzler ‘Keen: One Girl Army’ from Cat Nigiri Arrives on iOS Following Recent Switch and Steam Launches

It was just about two years ago that Brazilian developer Cat Nigiri announced that their...

It was just about two years ago that Brazilian developer Cat Nigiri announced that their in-development tactical strategy puzzler Keen: One Girl Army would be heading to all major platforms in 2019, including mobile. Well as we’re all so painfully aware, the year is 2020 and so that means Keen didn’t quite make it out as intended. However, just last month Keen made its official launch on Steam after literal years of being in beta, and then earlier this month the game also made its way to the Nintendo Switch, and our own Shaun Musgrave “found it worth the dip.” Now hot on the heels of those releases comes the iOS version of Keen: One Girl Army ($7.99) which has just arrived in the App Store today. Keen is basically a block-sliding puzzle game mixed with tactical combat and a story-driven campaign. You can get a sense for it in this launch trailer for the Steam and Switch versions.

While generally your movement also acts as your attack on enemies, Keen throws in various types of special skills to spice things up and add to the tactical element of the game. Overall the early sentiments about Keen from folks who have played the release version on other platforms, as well as the many folks who have tried out the work-in-progress version over the past few years, have been extremely positive, and this is the type of game I think might actually feel most at home on the touchscreen. Plus Cat Nigiri made Necrosphere ($2.99), a game that made me cry like a baby and ask for more, so I’m pretty much on board with anything they release. Not to mention that Keen: One Girl Army is a fully premium game on iOS and is priced at $7.99, which is half of what it’s priced on Switch and Steam. So if you like puzzlers I definitely think you should check out Keen and then head over to the game’s discussion thread in our forums to see what others are saying.