November 28, 2022

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‘Picnic Penguin’ from ‘Super Cat Tales’ Developer Neutronized is Launching Next Week and Available for Pre-Order Now

We are always more than happy to see a new game from Neutronized, aka solo...

We are always more than happy to see a new game from Neutronized, aka solo developer Gionathan Pesaresi. Probably most well-known for the excellent Super Cat Tales platforming games, Neutronized has releases a variety of other games over the years too, including a pretty extensive library of Flash games in addition to mobile, and covering a variety of genres. This latest game is called Picnic Penguin and we’re just shy of a week away from its release. Picnic Penguin is a Sokoban-inspired puzzler, but Neutronized has tried to inject a few twists into the traditional Sokoban formula, like various sizes of boxes, boxes of different weights which affect how they can be pushed, enemies, special environmental features like portals, and more. You can see it all in action in the following trailer.

Given the previous work of Neutronized, I see no reason not to be excited for the release of Picnic Penguin. It’s expected to launch next week on January 13th and if you’re an iOS user you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now. Another bit of interesting Neutronized news is that Gionathan recently did a 2021 Goals Devlog video over on his YouTube channel, which is an amazing source for game development information and just general entertainment by the way. In that video he laid out the goals for Neutronized in 2021 which include: porting even more of the existing Neutronized Flash games library to mobile; finishing up that slick 2D/3D hybrid tower platforming game we first saw back in June; and (drumroll please) creating a brand new proper Super Cat Tales sequel. Wahoo! You can likely expect to see Neutronized games appearing on more platforms in addition to iOS and Android in 2021 too.

First thing’s first though and that is the release of Picnic Penguin next week, so definitely keep your eye out for that and be sure to pre-order it if you’re into that sort of thing.