February 6, 2023

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Out Now: ‘My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge’, ‘Neighbours Back From Hell’, ‘My Time at Portia’, ‘Mini Blaster’, ‘Meridian 157: Chapter 3’, ‘Bullfrogs’, ‘Tzuki’s Plan B: Planet Odyssey’ and More

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each...

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Bullfrogs ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Bullfrogs is the flagship title from Thunderworks Games designed by Keith Matejka. It’s a light, family-friendly card game that offers strategic gameplay through simple rules.

Forum Thread: Bullfrogs (by Thunderworks Games)

Dawdlebird’s Flappy Frog (Free)

iTunes Description

Avoid obstacles and see how far this frog can fly!

– 6 Different stages with 4 variations each
– Extra games modes ‘random’ and ‘hard’ to unlock
– Over 60 characters to collect
– Compete on leaderboards and take snapshots of your newest high-score to show of to friends!

Forum Thread: Dawdlebird’s Flappy Frog (by Dawdlebird Games)

Louis the Game (Free)

iTunes Description

Join Vivienne on her adventures as she journeys to six vibrant locations.

Join Vivienne on her adventures as she journeys to six vibrant locations across the globe in search of 200 collectible candles to celebrate our founder Louis Vuitton’s 200th Birthday. Each candle unlocks fascinating stories about the journeys of Louis, his family, and the Maison.

Explore worlds inspired by the spirit of travel, and master all of Vivienne’s unique abilities to unlock iconic moments from Louis Vuitton’s history.

Forum Thread: Louis the Game (by Louis Vuitton Malletier)

Meridian 157: Chapter 3 ($2.99)

iTunes Description

You have ventured this far, now there is no turning back. Uncover the island’s dark history by travelling through crumbling caverns and mysterious laboratories, but be warned, some may not be too welcoming of your presence…

The epic conclusion to the Meridian 157 series has arrived! Follow Dr. Zander into the heart of the facility to discover the sinister purpose behind the FLARE project, and to avert the impending disaster brought on by its conception.

With the most unique puzzles of the series, Meridian 157: Chapter 3 takes you to the source of the anomaly through a thrilling journey of mind-bending enigmas, perilous exploration and unsettling secrets of the island’s previous inhabitants. Follow Dr. Zander as he is pushed to his wits-end in this final adventure.

Forum Thread: Meridian 157: Chapter 3 (by NovaSoft Interactive)

Mini Blaster (Free)

iTunes Description

Mini Blaster is an arcade shooter with minimal graphics.
Raise the level and get upgrade, strengthen your ship and defeat the approaching enemies.

■ Game System
The operation is only movement, you can play with one hand.
Automatically attack enemies within range. No need to aim in detail!
Defeat enemies, collect gems and level up. Choose a upgrade and get stronger and stronger.

Forum Thread: Mini Blaster (by Annulus Games)

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge (Free)

iTunes Description

They kidnapped his wife and kids and left him for dead. But it’s going to take more than that to split this banana’s family. Help your friend Pedro serve some ice cold revenge, with a sprinkle of bullets on top!

My Friend Pedro is back in a brand new mobile adventure of blood, bullets and bananas! Flip and fire your way through 37 action packed levels on foot, on a motorcycle and even on a skateboard. Plan your high caliber choreography for the best scores and, if your skin is tough enough, test your skills in Blood Rush mode.

This banana is Ripe for Revenge. Are you?

Forum Thread: My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge (by Devolver)

My Time at Portia ($5.99)

iTunes Description

A top hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa’s workshop, craft and build your way to compete for top builder in town! As you explore and discover hidden relics, restore the glory of human civilization on this post-apocalyptic land. As you grow into a seasoned builder, bond with NPCs and townsfolk to build a circle of friends and romance!

Forum Thread: My Time at Portia (by Pathea Games)

Neighbours Back From Hell ($4.99)

iTunes Description

“Did you know that “Schadenfreude” is a German word defined as the concept of finding joy in someone else’s misfortune? It is also the main idea on which Neighbours back From Hell is built. A whole TV show based on playing increasingly outrageous pranks on your grumpy neighbor to keep the audience entertained, and viewership numbers high. It’s good to be bad in this early 2000s trash TV-inspired slapstick extravaganza!

Forum Thread: Neighbours Back From Hell (by HandyGames)

PixArt Maker: Color by Number (Free)

iTunes Description

Color by numbers and draw pixel art pictures. Sell your works to other players and earn coins!

Pixel Art Maker is a color by number game with a mode for drawing your own pictures in the pixel art style.

Create pixel art masterpieces and sell them to other players for coins!

Make your own pixel art from scratch or take a photo, then set a price and upload to our server. You will earn coins every time other players buy your art!

Forum Thread: PixArt Maker: Color by Number (by Elebah)

Running Rich Racing (Free)

iTunes Description

eSports style Kart Racing Tournaments with power-ups.

Race against other players and enter eSports style kart racing tournaments.

Forum Thread: Running Rich Racing (by Competition Interactive)

Shot Online: Golf Battle (Free)

iTunes Description

Enjoy real-time (parallel) golf battles and experience our incredible golf clubs

– Shot Online: Golf Battle is the ultimate free-to-play golf battle game, where you can challenge thousands of rival players around the world.
– Real-time (parallel) golf battle, with no need to wait for other golfers
– Quick matching, amazing golf courses, and extreme club effects!
– In our Survival Mode, challenge top golf players in a clash to become the king of the golf world!

Forum Thread: Shot Online: Golf Battle (by Webzen)

Tractor Rush (Free)

iTunes Description

Destroy all clans and take your cows back! As you travel to various flying islands you will need to eliminate multiple bosses, rescue animals and solve the puzzles!

An addictive shooter and action game you can play offline!!


Forum Thread: Tractor Rush (by Marian Smolka)

Tzuki’s Plan B: Planet Odyssey (Free)

iTunes Description

Save the world with the help of our scientist Tzuki in this platform adventure game!

A dangerous experiment has failed and it is quickly polluting Narona. Luckily, our scientist Tzuki with the help of good friends has a plan B to save the world… Help her control her power to complete her environmental mission in this story: Save nature from the disaster caused by the failed experiment and cleanse the forest and land of Narona in these free platform adventure simulation full of stories and challenges!

Forum Thread: Tzuki’s Plan B: Planet Odyssey (by Cokoon Games Lab)