March 25, 2023

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Out Now: ‘Dadish 3’, ‘Ace Attorney Trilogy’, ‘Grimnight Heroes: Survivors’, ‘King Rabbit – Race’, ‘Poinpy’, ‘Abandon Ship’, ‘Offroad Unchained’ and More

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each...

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Abandon Ship (Free)

iTunes Description

Engage in piracy and become a hunted Captain.
Take command of an ‘Age of Sail’ ship and her crew, exploring a vast, story-filled world that reacts to your decisions. Engage enemy vessels, fortifications and sea monsters in brutal tactical combat, all framed in an art style inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings.

Forum Thread: Abandon Ship (by Plug In Digital)

Ace Attorney Trilogy ($24.99)

iTunes Description

Become a lawyer and take the stand to prove your client’s innocence in a court of law!

Enjoy rookie attorney Phoenix Wright’s first three games in the popular series, all in one package!
All 14 thrilling episodes of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations are included!F6

With high-resolution graphics, courtroom battles never looked this beautiful!

Forum Thread: Ace Attorney Trilogy (by CAPCOM)

Aeon of Warfare (Free)

iTunes Description

The ancient warfare is launching. Now we want to invite various heroes to break the darkness and give a new life to world.
This idle game keeps your hands free. There is no need to spend too much time to upgrade your character; Several characters for you to choose and free to switch it as you want; Custermized outfits display an exclusive self; Huge map and multiple quests lead you to explore a magnificent ancient world.

Forum Thread: Aeon of Warfare (by Joyfun Game)

Artery Gear: Fusion (Free)

iTunes Description

The Puppets are coming, and a full-scale war begins – the mech girl strategy RPG “Artery Gear: Fusion” invites you to the battlefield of doomsday!
Gather a team of mech girls to fight the brutal “Puppets” that devour the world. Dazzling skill special effects, feel the gorgeous and refreshing visual and auditory battle feast. Plan skill combinations and enjoy the fun of strategic battles. More than 100 beautiful mech girls with distinctive characteristics will fight side by side with you. Commander, this battle needs your participation!

Forum Thread: Artery Gear: Fusion (by BILIBILI HK LIMITED)

Burning Fight ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

iTunes Description

BURNING FIGHT is an action game released by SNK in 1991.
Japanese and US detectives must work together and risk their lives to infiltrate the enemy hideout of a large syndicate and a crime organization that dominates western Japan.
Use your punches, kicks, and deadly special moves to accomplish your mission!

Forum Thread: Burning Fight ACA NEOGEO (by SNK)

Dadish 3 (Free)

iTunes Description

When his kids board a bus for a suspicious field trip, Dadish sets off to find them before they’re turned into radish soup! Along the way he’ll splash through a sewer, get lost in the desert, ride a dolphin, and reluctantly reunite with his estranged spouse. Help Dadish rescue his children once more, in his most fun and challenging adventure yet.

Forum Thread: Dadish 3 (by Thomas Young)

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD (Free)

iTunes Description

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD is the remastered version of Date A Live: Spirit Pledge – Global, an innovative action/dating sim game based on the popular light novel series Date A Live and officially licensed by [Kadokawa]. It offers a fresh take on romantic visual novel formula by fusing various simulation elements to enhance the immersion of this mobile DAL world. In this game, you can control or interact with various Spirits in battle and story stages, and form strong bond and connection with them.

Forum Thread: Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD (by Moonwalk/Goodshow)

Dynasty Legends 2 (Free)

iTunes Description

DYNASTY LEGENDS 2 is a complete evolution of Hack & Slash ARPG game. Thrilling battle experience allows you wipe out thousands of enemies all by yourself, become the overlord of the Three Kingdoms. Stunning graphics, bring you back to chaotic ancient battlefields. Join the battle with your friends now and build up your empire!

Forum Thread: Dynasty Legends 2 (by Taihe Interactive)

Grimnight Heroes: Survivors (Free)

iTunes Description

Dracula has unleashed his Undead Minions against the people of Grimnight, and you are their only hope! As one of the last vampire survivors, you must defend the city from Vampires, Zombies, Skeletons and more! Can you survive the night?

Forum Thread: Grimnight Heroes: Survivors (by Gold Helm Games LLC)

Juggly Ball (Free)

iTunes Description

Put your juggling skills to the test! How long can you keep the ball in air? How many balls can you stall at a time? Try this fun yet addictive game. Just keep the balls in air and you will be good to go.
There are 4 different game modes for you to try out.

Easy to learn, hard to master. Challenge your friends on Game Center and have fun ?

Forum Thread: Juggly Ball (by Digital Hole)

King Rabbit – Race (Free)

iTunes Description

Hop quickly through deadly obstacle courses and get further than the other rabbits to win! Catchy gameplay and competitive leaderboards will have you playing just one more round. Earn trophies to rank up and face more challenging opponents! Are you skilled enough to place in the top 10 of the daily challenge? A new daily challenge level is generated daily. You’ll be exercising your precision, speed, coordination, and memory. Invite & follow your friends to race with them!

Forum Thread: King Rabbit – Race (by RareSloth LLC)

Kingdom Maker (Free)

iTunes Description

Welcome, my liege! Assemble armies with customizable units and Champions to conquer new realms and compete in real-time combat. Battle your way to the top, raiding cities and territories. Send countless reinforcements and spell doom for your foes. Or hang back at the castle, defend your kingdom, build your city, lord over your loyal subjects, and find true love.

Forum Thread: Kingdom Maker (by Scopely)

Merge Kuya Island (Free)

iTunes Description

The kuya need your help to purify their polluted island!
You’re the new Spirit Keeper, and only you can save this island!

Fill your purified island with beautiful flowers and buildings!
Create a tropical paradise for the kuya to enjoy!

Forum Thread: Merge Kuya Island (by Netmarble)

Ocean – The Place in Your Heart (Free)

iTunes Description

Join Luna on a journey to meet various friends!

Luna, who is full of curiosity and loves adventure, is mysterious about everything in the abyss.
Experience deep love in the joy, surprise, and special time of interacting with friends.

Forum Thread: Ocean – The Place in Your Heart (by Ligensoft)

Offroad Unchained (Free)

iTunes Description

Drive with speed, drift in the mud and jump with your car to cross the finish line first. Unchain the potential of your offroad cars by customizing and upgrading. Join teams, make friends and start your offroad legacy. That’s Offroad Unchained. Grab the wheel and compete in PvP races against players around the globe drifting on the rough and dusty gravel roads, snow terrains or in forests. Keep racing to propel through the leagues, unlock new offroad cars, and get to know Red Bull athletes in amazing off-road tracks.

Forum Thread: Offroad Unchained (by Red Bull)

Poinpy (Free)

iTunes Description

Bounce up, dodge adorable baddies and feed the blue beast that’s hot on your heels. A vertical climber from the creator of the award-winning Downwell.

Keep going higher and higher because new and more challenging areas await. Earn and unlock abilities that will help you jump into your next run with a better shot at reaching the end.

Forum Thread: Poinpy (by Ojiro Fumoto)

The Second Word (Free)

iTunes Description

The Second Word is a unique word puzzle game with a bit of brain challenge and gives you an opportunity to learn new words. Given are the words at the centre of a board game. Your task is to find the second word or the letters hidden on either side of the words. Complete the word puzzle and advance to next level.

Forum Thread: The Second Word (by Govind Narayan)

Super Starship 3 (Free)

iTunes Description

Are you a fan of Star Trek or No Man’s Sky? What would you do if you had your own starship? Where would you go?

Explore a huge persistent galaxy of one million stars and almost 6 million planets (5,999,792 to be exact). The galaxy is split up into 125 quadrants with each quadrant split into 729 sectors. There’s a lot to explore.

Forum Thread: Super Starship 3 (by Les Bird)