October 7, 2022

Die Nite

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Intense Space Combat Game ‘Interloper’ Updates with New Combat Trial Game Mode and More

Whoa, hey, what the heck? 2021 came and went and we didn’t talk about Interloper...

Whoa, hey, what the heck? 2021 came and went and we didn’t talk about Interloper once for that entire year?? Well that changes today, friends. Interloper is an intense space combat game designed specifically for mobile, and it was our Game of the Week pick when it released back in July of 2020. The combat and controls are super fun, and the entire game loop has a roguelike hint to it that makes it very easy to play over and over again. Lone developer Matt Purchase of Anchorite Games has pretty consistently updated Interloper since its release, and there were several pretty large updates in 2021 that, for whatever reason, flew under our radar.

Well we’re not going to let that happen with the game’s first update of 2022. The highlight of this update is a brand new permanent mission type: the Combat Trial. This pits against an AI opponent in 1v1 battle, but this isn’t just any old enemy opponent. This one has access to all the same ships and weaponry as you, which means this battle won’t be a pushover. That’s OK though because the rewards for defeating this opponent are really good, and will get better and better the more Combat Trials you’re able to win in a row. Of course that also means your opponent gets increasingly more difficult as your streak goes on, and should you fail your rewards and opponent difficulty will go back to their original levels.

Besides the major new feature of Combat Trials, this update adds all sorts of smaller fixes and improvements. One that should not be overlooked is a bump up in inventory space from 60 to 400(!) and a new feature that lets you accept or deny all loot with the touch of a button on the game over screen. Say hello to easy loot hoarding. I’ve mentioned it before but Interloper is such a good game, and it makes me really happy to see it continuing to improve even nearly 2 years after release. It’s a fully premium game too, which is always nice, so if you haven’t strapped into the pilot seat of Interloper before then let this latest update be the catalyst you need to finally check it out, and be sure to check out nearly 2 years worth of impressions from other players and comments from the developer in the game’s forum thread.