February 7, 2023

Die Nite

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Help Us Celebrate Our 500th(!) Podcast by Sharing Your Favorite TouchArcade Memories

Hello everyone! I’m interrupting our normal Friday evening schedule to ask everyone reading this for...

Hello everyone! I’m interrupting our normal Friday evening schedule to ask everyone reading this for a favor. You see, posted just above this story is our 499th episode of The TouchArcade Show. Now, we’ve hit some big milestones over the years… I mean who could forget our 10 Year Anniversary Season Finale for episode #420? Of course we were just being silly and the reality is that while we’ve hit quite a few cool milestones, as one does when they put out a weekly podcast for more than a decade, we’ve never really done anything extravagant to celebrate. Part of that is the sheer laziness of both myself and co-host Eli, but the other part is that it’s hard to think of anything special to do to celebrate a big event.

Well, with episode 500 coming up on July 30th, we think we’ve come up with a cool idea, but we’ll need your help. What we’d like for our listeners or even just our regular site readers to do is send us your best TouchArcade memories. We’ve been around for a pretty long time in Internet Terms, since early 2008, and the mobile gaming space has been a wild ride that entire time. We’re at a point now that it’s entirely possible you were a snot-nosed little kid when you first discovered TouchArcade and mobile gaming, and now nearly a decade and a half later you’re all grown up and have kids of your own. Heck, you and your children might even play some of the very same games or games from the same franchises, like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, or Temple Run since they’ve all been around so long.

Whatever the case, we want to hear the story of how you got involved with TouchArcade and/or mobile games in general, and then we can spend episode 500 getting all nostalgic and sharing those stories. This whole thing only works if people participate, so don’t be shy and shoot us an email at [email protected] or tweet at the @TouchArcade Twitter account, or stop on by our Discord channel and ping Eli or me. Or if you know of any other way to get a hold of us, go for it! Our audience is the lifeblood of TouchArcade and your generous support through Patreon over the past several years is very literally the thing that has kept us around this long so that we could even make it to episode 500. We want to hear from YOU and do something to actually celebrate this big milestone!