September 19, 2021

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Get ‘Steins;Gate’, ‘Corpse Party’, and More on iOS at a Big Discount for a Limited Time in the Mages Summer 2021 Sale

The Steins;Gate series is one that I try and experience in every format. The original...

The Steins;Gate series is one that I try and experience in every format. The original visual novel is one I recommend to anyone who is looking at trying out the genre. I’ve enjoyed playing the original on PS Vita and iPad while revisiting the story through Steins;Gate Elite on console. The mobile port of the latter is yet to see an English release but hopefully it happens soon. Today, Mages’ Summer 2021 sale has begun on iOS with discounts on various games including the English Steins;Gate and Corspe Party releases. While the games included in the sale have been these prices before, it is never a bad time to pick up Steins;Gate at such a low price. Watch the trailer for Steins;Gate below:

The discounts here are live from now until August 22nd. I’m only listing the games available in English here. The developer has released the other Steins;Gate games including spin-offs and the remake Steins;Gate Elite but those aren’t available in English. If you own an iPad and iPhone, Steins;Gate isn’t available as a universal game so keep that in mind when you buy it. Steins;Gate remains a must play game if you care about good stories and great characters. Corpse Party is a great game for horror fans and I’d recommend getting it and not Blood Drive if you’ve never played a game in the series before. The games included in this sale that are available in English are below:

Steins;Gate ($5.99) (Usually $23.99)
Steins;Gate HD (iPad) ($5.99) (Usually $23.99)
Corpse Party Blood Drive ($3.99) (Usually $11.99)
Corpse Party ($3.99) (Usually $19.99)

Read our review of Steins;Gate here, Corpse Party here, and Corspe Party Blood Drive here. I still hope 5pb eventually uses the English localisation for Steins;Gate Elite for iOS soon because a port and localisation on other platforms both exist. Have you played any of these games before or are you considering picking them up in the new sale?