September 25, 2022

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‘Final Fantasy 11’ Mobile Reboot Officially Cancelled 6 Years after It Was Announced

Back in 2015, Square Enix announced a special version of Final Fantasy 11 for mobile...

Back in 2015, Square Enix announced a special version of Final Fantasy 11 for mobile devices. A year later, we got our first look at the mobile version of Final Fantasy 11 which would be an MMO built in Unreal Engine. There was no real news following that 2016 first look until 2018 when we got some direct feed screenshots of Final Fantasy 11 on mobile. Fast forward to today and Final Fantasy 11‘s mobile reboot has officially been cancelled as reported on via Gematsu. The reason for the project being cancelled is that both Square Enix and Nexon found that the game did not meet the quality standards expected from a creative a perspective.

Following the cancellation, the development staff will be moved to other projects. I’m not really surprised that Final Fantasy 11‘s mobile reboot has been cancelled but I am surprised it took so long for it to be confirmed. With almost no real information about the project barring some screenshots in a job listing, it is disappointing for those that were looking forward to revisit Final Fantasy 11 through the mobile version. Hopefully Square Enix can resurrect the project in some form in the future for newer mobile devices then or work on bringing some form of Final Fantasy 14 to iOS and Android through streaming since a native release is probably not feasible given the cross platform nature and probability of the company dropping PS4 support in a few expansions to focus on PS5 and PC only as was the case when the game moved from PS3 and PS4 on the console side to just PS4 with PC. What do you think of Final Fantasy 11 and were you looking forward to playing the mobile reboot?

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