February 7, 2023

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‘Catopia: Rush’ is the Ultimate Cat-Based Dungeon Crawler and It’s Kicking Off a Closed Beta Test on Android November 18th

There’s a certain segment of the population where the mere mention of cats will get...

There’s a certain segment of the population where the mere mention of cats will get their immediate attention. Well cat lovers, this one’s for you. Developer Supercolony has announced their first project called Catopia: Rush and it is poised to be the ultimate cat-based RPG built from the ground up for mobile. Lead your party of super cats into a fantasy world filled with file monsters to battle and an evil Dark Lord to defeat.

There is a huge roster of super cats to unlock and collect, each with their own unique abilities to learn and strategize with. I’m talking dozens of different cats, all of which can be leveled up should you deem them worthy. The game’s dungeons are randomly generated and the control scheme is specifically built for one-handed portrait-oriented play. You can see it all in action in the following trailer.

While Catopia has been streamlined for mobile play, it doesn’t lack in the strategy and depth department. What cats you choose for your party will have a huge affect on how combat will play out. You can tank up with some hulking mecha-cats, keep your range and distance with sharpshooting rogue cats, use an assortment of awesome magic spells with caster cats, and much more. Mixing and matching for the perfect combination for each situation is a big part of Catopia’s appeal.

If this sounds exciting to you, Supercolony has recently started accepting submissions for anyone who wants to take part in an upcoming Android closed beta test. Just click this link here and fill out a short Google form to sign up, and the closed beta test will be kicking off on November 18th. In the meantime you can keep up on all things Catopia: Rush by hitting up the Supercolony website or following the game’s Twitter or Facebook accounts.


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