May 17, 2022

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BREAKING: Nimo TV shuts global operations amidst Chinese sanctions

Huya-owned streaming platform Nimo TV is shutting its global operations. The decision affects 14 countries,...

Huya-owned streaming platform Nimo TV is shutting its global operations. The decision affects 14 countries, including Brazil, Esports Insider was told by the company’s Country Manager for Brazil Tulio Chebli.

Huya has suffered several sanctions from the Chinese government, which include limiting gaming or streaming time for the country’s under 18-population, Chebli told Esports Insider. Such sanctions made Huya investor Tencent back off funding to Huya’s global project Nimo TV, forcing it to shutter operations.

Image credit: Nimo TV Brazil.

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Chebli said the announcement that the company would shut its operations caught the team by surprise in the morning of April 14th. In Brazil alone, Chebli expects around 200 people across employees, staff members and streamers, to be affected by the cut.

Nimo TV is a streaming platform popular across Asia. It has conducted operations in Brazil since 2018, focusing mainly on mobile games like Garena’s Free Fire and MOONTON’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

It was the birthplace of famous local streamers and organisations like LOUD.

It has maintained a partnership with Riot Games since 2021 for the broadcast of official Wild Rift and League of Legends tournaments. In 2020, Nimo TV had 60 percent of its global audience based in Brazil.

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Esports Insider says: This news caught by surprise both the audience and the employees of Nimo TV. It gives us a dimension of how the sanctions on gaming in China are affecting the country’s related businesses. In Brazil, Nimo TV was riding a wave of success amidst the growth of mobile gaming, and its partnership with Riot Games.

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