August 6, 2020

Die Nite

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The reign of the Xbox is sort of over. There’s an uncanny quality to Stranger Issues three: The Game’s look. Paradoxically, it jogs my memory of a pretend video game that is perhaps made for a TV present: Its artwork model resembles 16-bit consoles, however is clearly more detailed than any SNES or Sega Genesis game might have been. Though there is a uniform model, it is derived from a hodgepodge of influences. Longer stretches of dialogue are available in textual content containers with so-so hand-drawn character portraits, evoking 8- and 16-bit era RPGs, but you’ll also see a good amount of floating pixelated taste text a la Monkey Island. Whereas it typically appears scattershot, all of it blends collectively surprisingly properly, evoking the nostalgic heat-and-fuzzies you need from something designed to match Stranger Things’ blanket “retro” vibe.