February 5, 2023

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‘Battlefield Mobile’ Early Play Test Rolling Out on Android in Indonesia and the Philippenes

Back in April this year, EA and DICE announced a mobile Battlefield game alongside the...

Back in April this year, EA and DICE announced a mobile Battlefield game alongside the console and PC game. It was revealed to be targeting a release next year with technical testing beginning before. This Battlefield mobile game will be developed by Industrial Toys with DICE. Today, an early play test for Battlefield Mobile has begun rolling out in Indonesia and the Philippines on Android. New regions will be added in the future. As of now, this is just an early play test and not the actual pre-registration for Battlefield Mobile. This build requires Android 7.0 and later and the final launch game will have different requirements as the current build is not representative of the final release. To begin with, this build will have the Grand Bazaar map and the Conquest game mode. More details on what is available in the final game will be revealed closer to launch.

The early play test FAQ page also confirms that Battlefield Mobile is free to play and will require a persistent internet connection. There will be only cosmetic items and Battlefield Mobile will feature its own Battle Pass and unlockables that are unique to the mobile version. It will not have any cross play with the console or PC versions of Battlefield. Over the last few months, the reveals for Battlefield 2042 on consoles and PC have been good so hopefully Battlefield Mobile‘s first official showing is good and EA and DICE can work on some form of cross progression across the Battlefield games on mobile, console, and PC. Until then, here’s the Google Play Store page for the Battlefield Mobile early play test. It will be rolling out to more regions and expanding in size going forward. Did you play DICE’s recent Battlefield or Battlefront games?