November 27, 2022

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Battle Royale Platformer ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ Is Coming to Mobile in China through Bilibili

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Mediatonic (Hatoful Boyfriend) and Devolver Digital debuted on PC and...

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Mediatonic (Hatoful Boyfriend) and Devolver Digital debuted on PC and PS4 earlier this month and has become a phenomenon across the world with millions of players on both platforms. The battle royale platformer inspired by Takeshi’s Castle with a colourful aesthetic launched on Steam as a paid game and on PS4 standalone or free for PS+ subscribers. As with most popular games, people had been wondering when it would arrive on more platforms. The menus and interface alongside the pickup and play gameplay made me wonder when it would arrive on mobile. Over the weekend, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners revealed that Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights to publish Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in China on mobile. Check out the trailer for the PS4 and PC version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout below:

I’ve been playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on both PS4 and PC and I feel like barring a mobile version that seemed inevitable for a game like this, cross progression and cross platform play seem like features that should be available eventually. It would be great if you can login to a single account and pickup your unlocks on all platforms. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is definitely a game that should be on all platforms and it is going to be interesting to see when it arrives on mobile and other platforms in the future. As of now, the mobile version has only been announced for China. I can’t imagine there won’t be a mobile version outside China in the future though given how popular the game is right now. A Mediatonic representative even confirmed to The Esports Observer that a mobile version is in the works. Check out the official website for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout here. Have you played it on PS4 or PC yet?

[Source: Daniel Ahmad and The Esports Observer]