February 5, 2023

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Atomic Heart Reveals its Release Window with High-Octane Story Trailer

The whole team here at Mundfish is extremely excited to announce the release window of...

The whole team here at Mundfish is extremely excited to announce the release window of Atomic Heart, the action-packed FPS set in the alternative version of the USSR. The game will release in [redacted]ber this year, and we will reveal the exact month and day a bit later. For now, we’ve prepared a new high-octane trailer that sheds the first light on the story of Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is set in the alternative, retro-future version of the 1950s USSR. After Professor Sechenov invented the Polymer, an omnipotent substance able to power the technology of tomorrow, the Soviet Union is propelled to entirely new heights in science, especially in robotics and AI development. The economical growth followed by this breakthrough establishes the USSR as the leading global power and allows the country to quickly recover after World War II.

Atomic Heart

Sechenov announces the launch of a Polymer-powered neural network  ”The Collective” — it will allow people to control robots with their minds and instantly gain access to the world’s knowledge. But mere days before this grand event, a strange and terrifying incident happens at Facility №3826, a sprawling, top-secret scientific facility that was the birthplace of Polymer. The reports say that all the robots that were helping the scientists have suddenly gone rampant, turning the whole complex into a bloodbath. Sechenov sends his protege, major Sergey Nechaev, to investigate. Sergey, codenamed P-3, is an elite KGB agent and a war veteran infused with cutting-edge military-grade implants — the perfect man for the job.

Atomic Heart

As players take on the role of Sergey in this insane adventure, they will uncover a mind-bending mystery behind the incident at the Facility, explore the dangerous world, meet bizarre characters and face off with hordes of revolting robots and mutants deep within the underground maze of Soviet labs. The arsenal of weapons will include upgradeable firearms like assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and experimental guns, as well a wide range of melee weapons and a polymeric glove that provides Sergey with superhuman abilities like telekinesis and frost beam, and many others. Atomic Heart will feature visceral, blood-pumping FPS action synergized with a deep and emotional story, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Atomic Heart

We’re very eager to share more details about the game in the near future, so please join our official Discord server and subscribe to our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news on Atomic Heart.

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